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Springdale has Sunday School classes for everyone age 3 through 103 (or more). Classes meet from 9:30 am to 10:15 am each Sunday morning.

For information on primary and youth Sunday School programs, see Primary Department Children and Junior High & High School Youth.

Springdale generally offers 3 to 4 adult Sunday School classes and anyone is welcome.  For details, please see the right hand side of this page.





Springdale Mennonite Church

January 27-March 31, 2019



Book Study


Sewing Room                                                                                                         

Teacher: Alan Shenk

This class will be studying the book It’s Time to Pray by Carter Conlon, senior pastor of Times Square Church in New York City.  Pastor Conlon weaves Bible teaching, personal life experiences and the need to pray in all situations.  The book helps to deepen faith and to encourage our imaginations of what God wants to accomplish in and through the church.  Purchase of the book is optional, as a study guide with scripture references and questions will be provided each week.







Springdale Identity and Beliefs:

Who are we as a congregation?  What do we believe?  How do we live it out?


Fellowship Hall                                                                                               

Teacher: Kevin Goertzen

A significant impetus for this class was the work of the Auricle Team, who stated in their final report that “An affirmation of the core beliefs that Springdale can unite around would be beneficial and is strongly recommended.”  This class will be one key piece of addressing the Auricle Team’s recommendations, working to help Springdale clarify our identity and beliefs, and also clarify which ministries seem to be most unifying for us as a congregation.  The Auricle Team also recommended that “Spiritual Health Council develop and administer a congregation-wide survey to assess congregational understanding of the Mennonite beliefs and help Springdale assess which core beliefs are viewed as essential by its membership.”  Rather than administering one comprehensive survey, we are planning to offer a weekly “One-Minute Survey” throughout the course of this class, allowing the class to receive input on the issue for each lesson immediately prior to that lesson.  We hope this will help people be more engaged and likely to participate (both in the class and in responding to the survey).




 You are invited to participate in either of these classes!