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Springdale’s School for Christian Living (SFCL) grows out of an understanding of the church as the place where people are equipped and sent to follow Jesus as modern-day disciples. Each class aims to be:

  • Rooted in the Bible with an Anabaptist/Mennonite perspective
  • Practical and applicable to the lives of Christians
  • Creative and interesting to provide a stimulating learning experience
  • An environment that cultivates spiritual growth through the church.


SFCL meets twice a year (fall and winter) for six consecutive Wednesdays.

School for Christian Living

Winter 2019

January 23-February 27

Children’s Activities



Children’s activities will come from a book called Fun Bible Skits,

 and will include Bible stories, games, and other activities!



Adult Class



Understanding the Nature and

Work of the Holy Spirit



The person of the Holy Spirit is found in the doctrines of most denominations.  But many of us have trouble

understanding or explaining how the Spirit interacts with us as Christians.  What does it mean to be filled

 with the Holy Spirit?  How do we understand gifts of the Spirit?


This six-week class (led by Alan Shenk) will explore the Holy Spirit and related topics based on a video series

 produced by Alpha International, an organi-zation dedicated to introducing Christian faith to those who 

know little about Jesus or the Bible.


Each lesson begins with a 30-minute video and allows for a time of discussion at the end.  Those who are 

new to the faith and those who are mature in faith will both benefit from this series.



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